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Gods and Masters

 Twitchy Butcher Studios is proud to announce Gods and Masters, an upcoming fantasy role-playing game licensed with the Savage Worlds rule system. 

   Dokaro is a once great city on the verge of collapse, torn apart by invasion, rebellion, and heresy. Three playable factions operate within, trying to claw victory from the hands of their rivals.

   The mighty empire solidifies its grip on its newest conquest, with well-trained soldiers and cunning inquisitors. Imperial characters benefit from an assortment of military gear and siege equipment, access to several types of support units, and a generous supply of reinforcements.  

   The rebels try to reclaim the city that was once theirs, with raiders, assassins, smugglers, and saboteurs. To win back their homeland, rebel characters can access a thriving black market, the ancient ancestral magic of their culture, and the support of the common people.   

   Meanwhile, a powerful cult lies in the shadows, feeding on the chaos and bloodshed. The cultist characters use black magic, the kiss of vampirism, and an enormous supply of expendable thralls to increase their power and influence.

   Gods and Masters will be divided into a few basic sections:

Player Section

The player section is intended for characters of every faction. 

It includes:

  • A new playable species, along with three races and a handful of racial Edges
  • Five new races of humans
  • Five species of powerful beast mounts, each with a handful of sub-species
  • Extended rules for interrogations 
  • The new Dramatic Stealth mechanics
  • An assortment of alchemical concoctions, to give strategic players an edge
  • A large map of the city, complete with districts, landmarks, and fortifications

Faction Sections

The three Faction Sections detail the origins, history, and goals of all the major movers and shakers. The chapters for each faction also include:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages shared by everyone in the faction, to make their game-play experience memorable and challenging
  • An assortment of Edges and Hindrances
  • Unique weapons, armor, and gear
  • Allies and Connections
  • A faction-specific Arcane Background

Master's Section

The Master's Section details all the secrets of the city. 

It includes:

  • An adventure generator
  • A reputation mechanic that punishes repeat failure and rewards repeat success with all sorts of social consequences
  • A rogues gallery of important and dangerous NPCs
  • A collection of over 35 common NPC types
  • A bestiary with over 10 strange and savage creatures